Those who want to teach (mentors) and those who want to learn (users) have different needs. When we started MasterMind Lounge, we wanted to find a way to help both groups at the same time.

For thousands of years, the best way to learn from a mentor was to physically travel to wherever the mentor taught. Those who could not make the journey could not become mentors themselves. Later, books made the information mobile, but kept the mentor cooped up writing books. If you couldn’t find the book, you couldn’t obtain the information. Today, the written word has become accessible to all who have a simple internet connection. However, communicating with a mentor personally is no simpler today than it was with Plato and Aristotle thousands of years ago. We at MasterMind Lounge want to give the mentors of our time the opportunity to change that. We want to make hands-on learning from the best a reality for anyone who wants it.

There are obvious barriers that have prevented this idea from taking root. Our answer to the problems that have kept willing mentors and learners apart is MasterMind Lounge.

So how does it work? Well, that depends on whether you are here to learn or here to teach. Let’s start with how a mentor benefits from MasterMind Lounge.

To the mentor, MasterMind Lounge is a classroom, a personal secretary, and a billboard- all in one. Mentors can create a schedule of availability, define what services they will offer through MasterMind Lounge, and set prices for sessions in a few short minutes. From there, the mentor can simply watch for alerts of upcoming sessions and interact with users without compromising internet safety. All payments are collected before the mentor can be committed to a session, ensuring a smooth schedule without the phone/email tag typically associated with any scheduled interaction. MasterMind Lounge maximizes the amount of time you can spend actually teaching while we handle all the administrative tasks.

To the user, MasterMind Lounge is still a classroom, but also a phonebook, an educational menu, and the classic “friend who knows so-and-so.” When you use MasterMind Lounge, there is no longer a series of barriers to restrict your access to one-on-one instruction, but a clear explanation of what it takes to meet with your preferred mentor. Whether you meet with a mentor once or your music teacher every week, you can schedule your sessions simply and quickly.

MasterMind Lounge serves these two groups in complementary ways. We hope to increase the likelihood that a user can find that one person who can help them achieve their dreams by making it safer and easier for mentors to make themselves available online. MasterMind Lounge is a unique place where mentors and learners can easily make the right connection and start the conversation.