Those who want to teach (Mentors) and those who want to learn (Students) have different needs. When we started MasterMind Lounge, we decided to find a way to help both groups at the same time.


When you join MasterMind Lounge as a Mentor, you will receive information on how to set up your profile. That profile will let users know who you are, what your credentials are, and what they can expect from a session with you. 

Your profile will also serve as a personalized store page from which you can list merchandise, memorabilia, books, or other items you want to offer for sale. If you already have a bio and photo, this process usually takes less than five minutes. You can sell a one-off item, or list your entire catalog, with little effort. 

The next step is to offer a session to the general public. To do this, you provide MasterMind Lounge with a description of what your session will entail, the specific times you are available to perform the session, and the price to attend. 

MasterMind Lounge then generates each availability as a product available on your page. When a user purchases a time slot for your session, we contact you, set up the secure video session, and hold the payment as a deposit until the session is completed. When the time for the session comes, you will receive an email that contains a link to your session. One click- and you are in. 

You will never have to list your private email, phone number, or any confidential information to the public. 

This process is designed to give you control. You can alter your availability or session details at any time. You can list one session a day, or once a year- there is no obligation. 

At the same time, we provide several standardized session types that you can utilize (or customize) if you choose.

Some examples are: 

* A 5 minute session where a Mentor signs merchandise purchased from the store page 

* A 10 minute meet and greet 

* A 30 minute mentoring session 

* A 50 minute mentoring session 

These are meant to be a jumping off point. There is no limit to how you can use the MasterMind Lounge platform. 


You can view, browse our mentors, and see what’s for sale in the store without setting up an account. If you wish to engage with our platform, the first step is registering as a user. You can set up an account by clicking “create an account” on our home page.

Once you have created an account, you may browse our mentors or the list of sessions currently being offered. 

Mentors and sessions can be broken down by some basic categories to help you find what you are looking for. For example, to take a music lesson, you would choose the ‘Music’ category. Our library will often create new categories and subcategories as our list of Mentors and sessions grows. 

When you find a session you wish to purchase, carefully select the time slot that is most convenient for you. The time slot will be placed into your cart. Upon payment, you will receive a confirmation email, and a second email as the time for your session approaches with a link to your session. 

After your session, you can leave feedback on your experience and review your session as many times as you’d like. If you allow us to rebroadcast the video of your session, you will earn a portion of the fee paid to view the video. This can add up - so you will have incentive to let your friends, teachers, or students know that for a small fee they can watch your session. 

Virtual meet & greets allow you to see and talk to your idol, or you can upgrade to getting an autograph of a picture or even a football WHILE talking to your idol.

Mastermind Lounge ™

Mastermind Lounge ™