Mastermind Lounge is the next generation of mentoring, learning, virtual meet & greets, and networking. We have created a new experience to specialize in generating one-on-one interactive experiences that provide the best meeting, learning, collaborating, and mentoring environment on the web.

Have you ever wished you could take a master class with a musician on another continent without ever leaving your home? Have you ever wished you could chat with your favorite sports figure? Or discuss strategies with the greatest coaches in the business? Would a one-on-one with a network administrator be a game-changer in your business? With MasterMind Lounge, you can do all of these.

Our interactive platform is state of the art technology which for the first time enables your interaction with mentors and professionals. This application of technology allows you to reach out for teaching and mentoring with people you would never otherwise have access to.

Mastermind Lounge is a tool for everything from a simple guitar lesson with a master, to a one-on-one session with a sports idol, all the way to a discussion of intricate marketing strategies for a startup business/corporation. It works on several levels, connecting the world's most accomplished musicians, sports icons, celebrities, artists, business executives, educators, attorneys, physicians, marketing strategists, and others to students, new businesses, associations, or merely interested participants.

What we do

Mastermind Lounge creates a marketplace which breaks down the barriers between celebrities and fans, and between those with knowledge and those who want to learn. For those who make themselves available on MasterMind Lounge, we provide a simple-to-use tool that takes appointments, sets up a video connection through dedicated servers, and processes payments. You list your availability and what your session will be, and we let you know when to join your sessions with the click of a button.

For users, MasterMind Lounge gives access to more than just information- we want to bring you the people who make that information meaningful. Whether you want to chat with an idol or really learn from a master, MasterMind Lounge is the only way you can schedule that interaction with the click of a button.

By decreasing the time investment required to market online interactions, MasterMind Lounge increases the frequency and quality of one-on-one interactions

Mastermind Lounge ™

Mastermind Lounge ™