Mastermind Lounge represents the next generation of mentoring and networking. Have you ever wished you could take a master class with a musician on another continent? Have you ever wished you could chat with your favorite sports figure?

Have you ever needed to audition for a band or a school or even an orchestra in another city without leaving your own home? Or discuss strategies with the greatest coaches in the business? Would a class on computer security help you or your business? Would a one-on-one with a network administrator be useful? All of that is available here.

Our service is state of the art technology which for the first time enables your interaction with mentors and professionals. This application of technology allows you to reach out for mentoring with people you would never otherwise have access to.

Mastermind Lounge is a clearing house of mentoring and education from a simple guitar lesson with a master, to a one-on-one session with a sports idol, all the way to a discussion of intricate marketing strategies for a startup business/corporation. It works on several levels, connecting the world's most accomplished musicians, sports icons, celebrities, artists, business executives, educators, attorneys, physicians, marketing strategists, and others to students, new businesses, associations, or merely interested participants.

Mastermind Lounge represents the next generation of learning and networking. Our service will actually be the first time that you can have a virtual "in person" interaction with mentors and professionals. This application of technology adds both to the quality of the mentoring and helps attract people who thought they could not access such professionals.

What we do

Mastermind Lounge is about making a connection - the right connection. Students that thirst for good, solid advice can be mentored in a subject or field, or even an artistic skill. Young business entrepreneurs can absorb the knowledge and wisdom of experts in their field, and those who simply need more direction and focus in their lives can find the right person to help develop the interests they have.

Sessions will vary from short, 15 minute networking connections to extensive 90 minute mentoring sessions. Fees for each will vary based on the experience and demand of the mentor.

Those who join the Mastermind Lounge can network with peers and cultivate their craft with experts in that field. Either in a private or a group environment, the Mastermind Lounge is a hotbed of ideas, strategies and proven methods that will take its members to another plateau.

Making access to mentors, easy and fun

Mastermind Lounge is accessible in five different ways:

  1. Individual Peer To Peer Mentoring
  2. Group Mentoring Sessions
  3. Pre-recorded, general mentoring.
  4. Institutional Class Room Subscription
  5. Personal appearance bookings

Entering the lounge

The lounge is still under construction. Please follow us on Facebook as we bring Mastermind Lounge to life!

If you'd like to consider being a mentor, please sign up - this puts you under no obligation!